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 1  N.Z. Farming Directory
General, Sheep, Dairy, Forestry, Finance, Contractors, Computers, Research, Weather, Fertiliser, Beef, Cropping, Machinery, Veterinary, Consultant farming links
Organisations | Research | Dairy Farming
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 2  Resource and Environmental Data Interpretation System (REDIS)
REDIS is a collection of web and PC based tools for resource and environmental management. Includes Condition assessment/production/ identification
Research | Environment | Research
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 3  Production Soultions
A Market Place for New Zealand manufactures and suppliers to the Dairy and agricultural sectors.
Plant & Machinery | Cattle | Research
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 4  Dairying Research Corporation LTD : Home
Provider of on-farm dairying research for New Zealand dairy farmers. Core research in the areas of mastitis, milk characteristics, farm systems, dairy cow nutrition, dairy cattle fertility and feed p
Research | Dairy Farming
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 5  AgriQuality
AgriQuality is New Zealands leading supplier of testing, analysis, and quality assurance systems for animal, plant, forestry and food products.
Research | Organisations | Consultants
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 6  Smallfarmers Association of NZ Taranaki Branch
Association of smallfarmers providing fieldays, conferences and information about smallfarming.
Cattle | Crops | Research
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 7  HotRot Composting Systems
New Zealand company HotRot (hotrot hot rot) composting systems manufacture an organic waste treatment in vessel composter. This environment technology is a sustainable landfill disposal alternative.
Research | Waste Management
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 8  Crop & Food Research
Crop & Food Research, a Crown Research Institute, maintains research groups throughout New Zealand
Crops | Research
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 9  Beef New Zealand
Provides research results on beef cattle breeding and production, New Zealand Angus, Hereford, Charolais and Simmental association plus other NZ Beef
Cattle | Research
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 10   Dairy InSight
Dairy InSight has been established to fund activities that are beneficial to all farmers within the dairy industry as a whole.
Research | Dairy Farming
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 11   Otago Peninsula Albatross Colony New Zealand
The Otago Peninsula frames Dunedin's harbour providing a spectacular setting for unique historical and wildlife attractions including the world’s only mainland Royal Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Head.
Travel and Tourism | Research
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 12   Massey Agriculture
Today, some of agriculture and horticulture’s most influential people are graduates of Massey University. Massey Agriculture - making the possible a reality; preparing future leaders; growing a posit
Agriculture and Horticulture | Research
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 13   HortResearch
New Zealand's largest horticulture and food research organisation.
Research | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 14   South Pacific Seeds
South Pacific Seed Sales (NZ) Ltd was established in July 1997 to provide the professional New Zealand vegetable producers an improved assortment of hybrid vegetable varieties.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Research
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 15   AgResearch
New Zealand Pastoral Agriculture Research Institute
Research | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 16   Crops for Southland - Encouraging crop development in Southern New Zealand
A fully funded initiative to encourage the crop industry to consider Southland New Zealand as a place for growing and developing a crop industry
Agriculture and Horticulture | Research
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 17   agTrade
Free ads for New Zealand Farmers. A specialised web site for farm trade between all primary producers. Farming, organic farming, free trade and much more.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Research
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 18   vine2wine
Vine2Wine is a site dedicated to bring information regarding vineyard development and wine manufacturing to everyone.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Research
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 19   New Zealand Rhizobia
A site describing a PhD project to investigate rhizobia (root nodule bacteria) in New Zealand. Examining native and exotic legumes (plants).
Biology | Research
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 20   MIRINZ Food Technology and Research
MIRINZ is a food technology company dedicated to creating the advantage for our clients. We offer a variety of consultancy packages to meet client needs.
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