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 1  SHEEP - Agriculture in New Zealand
This site contains information on,Texel sheep stud, leading Artificial Inseminating technician, breeds of sheep in New Zealand,management of sheep in NZ through Summer to Winter.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Sheep & Wool
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 2  Ferrier Woolscours (Canterbury)Ltd
Wool Scouring.Wool Dumping.Producers and exporters of Woolgrease
Sheep & Wool | Trading Companies & Services
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 3  Weft Industries
As a fully vertical knitting company, Weft Industries in Christchurch, New Zealand produces high quality thermalwear in a variety of fabrics from synthetic to merino wool. Consumer and Distributor enq
Sheep & Wool | Clothing
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 4  AgWorkers
Farm labour employment site
Agriculture and Horticulture | Sheep & Wool
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 5  Hazlett Sons
A world leader in skin processing and tanning, supply high quality skins and slink skins (baby lamb skins) to the world fashion markets.
Giftware | Sheep & Wool
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 6  Sheep's Back
The Sheep's Back are manufacturers and retailers of quality sheepskin products, New Zealand Souvenirs and Gifts. We sell Sheepskins, New Zealand Wool Products, Sheepskin Slippers, Boots and Mocassins,
Giftware | Sheep & Wool
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 7  Val d'or Suffolk Sheep Stud
One of the largest Suffolk Sheep Studs in NZ. Terminal & Stud Sires are for sale.
Sheep & Wool | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 8  Sheep breeds of New Zealand
This is most of the sheep breeds established in New Zealnd
Agriculture and Horticulture | Sheep & Wool
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 9  Medlicott Southdowns
Come to Medlicott Southdowns the place to source all your ram, ewe, and semen needs and see their pedigrees and photos.Also home of Waimate Cricket club
Sheep & Wool | Cricket
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 10   Welcome To The Wool Company - New Zealand Wool
Welcome To The Wool Company - Online Catalogue - New Zealand Wool, Sheepskins, Baby Garments, Rugs, Knitting Wool, Spinning Wool, Fleece - All Wool Products...
Sheep & Wool | Sheep & Wool
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 11   New Zealand Wool Group
The official site of the New Zealand Wool Group and New Zealand wool. The New Zealand Wool Group is funded by wool growers to co-ordinate work in wool production, research and development,
Sheep & Wool
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 12   Concerto Carpets - Great Carpets at Great Prices
Concerto Carpets are based in Christchurch, New Zealand and take pride in supplying great carpets at affordable prices.
Furnishings | Sheep & Wool
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 13   Ben-Ohau High Country Sheep Station
Ben-Ohau grows quality Merino fibre for NZ and export. The Cameron family have made sites available for lifestyle blocks.
Sheep & Wool | Real Estate
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 14   Sheep Semen - genetic
Genetic Gains Ltd strives To facilitate the genetic improvement of New Zealand's sheep industry by distributing quality genetic semen material from proven superior sires.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Sheep & Wool
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 15   SHEEP FARM TEXEL - Findlay Stud
Established in 1991 as an elite Texel Ram and Ewe stud.
Agriculture and Horticulture | Sheep & Wool
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 16   Top Tender Texels Stud
Top Tender Texels Stud farm, best texel sheep stud farm in New Zealand
Sheep & Wool | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 17   Stroma Texel Sheep Stud
Home of Stroma Texel Stud in Rakaia, Canterbury
Sheep & Wool | Agriculture and Horticulture
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 18   Merino Breeding and Farming in New Zealand
Merino Sheep Breeding and farming activities in New Zealand
Sheep & Wool
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 19   Wool Production Technology Ltd
With so many factors affecting the price of wool we must find every possible way to improve wool quality, sheep production and efficiency on the farm, to make the wool business more profitable.
Sheep & Wool
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 20   NZ wool industry wool procurement sector control
Providing grower ownership and control of the procurement sector of the NZ wool industry contact Primary Wool
Sheep & Wool | Agriculture and Horticulture
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