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 1 - for New Zealand music download and distribution for music in New Zealand. Download and listen to MP3's, upload your own music online, read the very latest music news and CD reviews, & more...
Artists and Bands | Record Companies
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 2  Event Audio Recording Services
The home of Event Audio Recording Services - selling pro sound gear and offering recording plans for most budgets. Visit our online store for lots of great bargains.
Record Companies | Arts and Entertainment
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 3  Subtronix
Subtronix - the home of Drum and Bass in New Zealand
Music | Record Companies
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 4  Cranium Music
Progressive, Space & Kraut Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic & Experimental music
Music | Record Companies
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 5  Lydian Records
This is the home of Lydian Music Ltd division of Lydian Records. An independant record label that started in 2004 to promote creative music in the jazz genre to an international audience.
Record Companies | Music
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 6  New Zealand On Disc
New Zealand on Disc is the largest on-line shop specialising in all types of New Zealand music.
Music | Online Shopping | Record Companies
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 7  Cranium Music
Among the world's largest stockists of Psychedelic/Progressive/Kraut-Space-Stoner Rock/Electronic & Experimental.We also have a Music Label and retail outlet.
Music | Record Companies
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IRNZ - dedicated to the promotion of local music. List your band and take advantage of the FREE classified ad page.
Artists and Bands | Music | Record Companies
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 9  dlt-altruism
Premiere Hip Hop producer who mixes the ancient Polynesian history with todays world to bring you a realistic view of living in Aotearoa today
Music | Record Companies
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 10   Karaoke Manufacturer - Sundown Karaoke
Manufacturer of Karaoke discs in CD+G, VCD and DVD formats. We personalise karaoke discs, and can produce either just the master, or master and pressed discs. Quality product for an affordable price
Music | Record Companies
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 11   Earwig Studios
Recording Studio / Independant Record Label
Artists and Bands | Record Companies | Music
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 12   Needle on the Record - Dance Music Specialists
New Zealand's Leading Hardhouse, Trance & Funky House Music Specialists. Vinyl Direct from the UK, with free delivery nationwide.
Music | Record Companies
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 13   The Nelson School of Music
Learn an instrument, join our contemporary music performance course come to concerts, and enjoy our full calender of events.
Polytechnics & Colleges | Record Companies
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 14   Hanging Tree Records
New Zealand Punk Pop Label Underground.
Record Companies
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 15   Data:bass Network
DATA:BASS NETWORK is the Auckland (NZ) based non-profit collective of DJs, producers, performers and visual artists providing an independent alternative for Drum'n Bass and Electronica.
Electronica | Record Companies
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 16   Cabaret Show For Two
A Cabaret show for small crowds, business functions and conferences. Make your own Cabaret - soundtrack and examples performed by 'Just the Two of Us'
Performance Arts | Record Companies
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 17   Kog Transmissions
Kog Transmissions New Zealand's biggest electronic music labelDub Drum n Bass Breakbeat Techno Trance Ambient
Record Companies
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 18   Flying Nun Records New Zealand
Flying Nun Records New Zealand is a New Zealandrecord label
Record Companies
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 19   PolyGram New Zealand
The Polygram Record Label
Record Companies
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 20   Music Video VIP
make personal music video with you the star, creative and orignal gift ideas choose ya own song and location, you can sing yourself or choose a song to mime to, you will spot ya own dvd
Visual Arts | Record Companies
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