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 1  Krantz
air diffusion: ceiling swirl, floor twist, vortex long-throw, nozzle jet; radiant chilled: ceiling, beam; clean room: laminar flow, hepa diffuser
Refrigeration Services | Engineering Services
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 2  Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.
Hot Water Heat Pumps limited. Manufactures of performance plus heat pumps for all applications domestic and commercial
Services | Refrigeration Services
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 3  Polystrene boxes
Hope Moulded Polystyrene is a manufacturer and designer of moulded polystyrene containers and boxes of all descriptions. Nelson - New Zealand
Packaging | Refrigeration Services
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 4  Climatech
Provide experienced design engineers, project managers and service technicians in New Zealand and the pacific islands, for projects in air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems.
Refrigeration Services | Resources & Services
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 5  Refrigeration Systems Ltd
Provides refrigeration solutions for the food, health and building industries, including design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services.
Refrigeration Services | Resources & Services
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 6  New Zealand Cold Storage Association Incorporated
The New Zealand Cold Storage Association comprises companies involved in cool or cold storage of meat, dairy, fish, horticultural and other products.
Refrigeration Services | Freight Services
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 7  Steelfort Engineering
LawnMaster Lawnmowers, LawnMaster - Countax, Miele, Castle, CAD/CAM -CNC, Stainless Steel Fabrication and Hoshizaki Ice Machines
Refrigeration Services | Home & Garden
Views: 49445   Hits: 4084  Added/Updated: Wednesday, March 21, 2001
 8  Chillex Services Limited
Chillex Services is a privately owned company in the New Zealand air-conditioning industry. Services include installations, retrofits and maintenance of air-conditioning.
Refrigeration Services | Resources & Services
Views: 52428   Hits: 3951  Added/Updated: Tuesday, February 19, 2002
 9  Tempest Mechanical Services
Specialise in designing air-conditioning systems for large retail and commercial developments in New Zealand and Australia, with a team of highly skilled HVAC designers and engineers.
Refrigeration Services | Resources & Services
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 10   Icebox Alpine Refrigeration
icebox-alpine refrigeration commercial freezers, chillers, barchillers - SKOPE range
Refrigeration Services | Auckland
Views: 42906   Hits: 3619  Added/Updated: Monday, July 08, 2002
 11   Cool Distribution Ltd
Cool Distribution Ltd are distributors of chilled and refrigerated goods especially catering for small & carton deliveries to supermarkets. Chilled storage is also available.
Refrigeration Services | Freight Services
Views: 43874   Hits: 3509  Added/Updated: Monday, October 07, 2002
 12   Forair Supplies
We source air conditioners direct from the factory and sell them at 30-50% below normal retail.
Refrigeration Services | Business and Economy
Views: 52465   Hits: 3151  Added/Updated: Friday, August 22, 2003
 13   FujiAir Air-Conditioning
Located in Christchurch, New Zealand - Sumo Corporation sell and install FujiAir air-conditioning units and heat pumps.
Business and Economy | Refrigeration Services
Views: 39003   Hits: 2851  Added/Updated: Friday, May 06, 2005
 14   Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial Refrigeration Wholesalers, and rentals of refrigerated displays, cabinets, ice makers and more.
Refrigeration Services | Food Industry
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 15   Auckland Fridge Rentals, Fridge Freezer Hire.
We are a domestic Fridge Rental company operating in Auckland, and offer great rates and student discounts on the hire of Fridge Freezers to homes, apartments and flats.
Electrical Goods | Refrigeration Services
Views: 50039   Hits: 2769  Added/Updated: Sunday, July 23, 2006
 16   Moffat New Zealand
The Moffat group designs, develops, manufactures and markets a comphrensive range of commercial food service & catering equipment and products.
Industrial Equipment | Refrigeration Services
Views: 40693   Hits: 2625  Added/Updated: Tuesday, November 01, 2005
 17   Institute of Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers.
Homepage of the Institute of Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers
Refrigeration Services
Views: 25988   Hits: 2600  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
 18   Thermo Tech Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Thermo Tech is a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning service and maintenance company
Refrigeration Services
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 19   Jack Frost Ltd Your Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Experts
Jack Frost Ltd Your Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Experts. Contact 09 238 29 30
Refrigeration Services
Views: 23632   Hits: 2266  Added/Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2002
 20   The Heatpump Centre
A Division of The Air Conditioning Company Ltd. 69 Wiri Station Rd, Manukau City NEW ZEALAND HEATPUMPS DEHUMIDIFIERS AIR, AIR, WATER, Pumps.
Refrigeration Services
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