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 1  Police Supplies Equipment and Duty Gear
Enforce Suppllies Police, Corrections, Military, and Private Security and Investigation companies with Police duty gear, products and accessories. Handcuffs, Duty Belts, Footwear, Sunglasses, Handcuf
Defence Forces | Legal Services
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 2  Galls New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand leading supplier of equipment and apparel for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services including Police, Ambulance, Fire, Security, Corrections and Military.
Emergency Services | Defence Forces
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 3  City of Auckland Cadet Unit
A youth organisation with a military theme, run by the New Zealand Government and Defence Force. Look here for photo's, training details and questions.
Defence Forces | Adventure Sports
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 4  Wellington, West Coast and Taranaki Regiment
The Wellington, West Coast and Taranaki Regiment is one of six Territorial Force Regiments in the New Zealand Army. We draw our strength from an area encompassing Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Horowhe
Defence Forces
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 5  New Zealand Ground Training Club
Unique club set up in Auckland NZ for kids aged from 12 - 17 years. Teaches all sorts of new military involved skills. Extended training for the NZCF.
Defence Forces | Organisations
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 6  The City of North Shore Cadet Unit Homepage
The CoNSCU is part of a Governnment run youth organisation with a Military Theme. See here for more information, photos and contact details.
Adventure Sports | Defence Forces
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 7  Capital Defence
Capital Defence looks at Wellington's built military heritage
Wellington | Defence Forces
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 8  New Zealand Army
Take a cybertour around the NZ Army Web Site to check out our activities at home and abroad or find out what it's really like to be in. Plus a look at the different corps and career options ... and lo
Defence Forces
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 9  The Royal New Zealand Navy
Welcome to the Royal New Zealand Navyís website. Find information on careers, history, headline news, media releases. Explore our virtual frigate, and naval Shockwave games
Defence Forces
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 10   Royal New Zealand Air Force
Extensive coverage of New Zealandís airforce, with history, career opportunities, technical details, photo gallery, current activities and operations, related military and museum links, skyhawk model
Defence Forces
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 11   Wellington's Coastal Defences
Site about Wellington's Coastal Defences, 1885 - 1945. Contains a map of where they are all sited, as well as site profiles.
Wellington | Defence Forces
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 12   Tarrackin's Home Scroll
featuring Military, Psion, Roleplaying, online CV of Leon Harrison, Military Technology Essay, US Army Rangers, NZ Special Air Service, Infantry skills, modern firearms, Science Fiction, and NZ Links
Personal Homepages | Defence Forces
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 13   Air Force World
The Air Force World Web Site portrays a short history of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force(RNZAF) and a brief view of the facility. It also covers programmes
Defence Forces
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 14   Tarrackin's New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS) page
Details and information about the Special Forces history, weapons, training, and other units that bear the SAS title.
Defence Forces
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 15   Ministry of Defence
The Government's principal adviser on defence policy. Also responsible for the evaluation of the performance of the defence organisations.
Defence Forces
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 16   Rhodesian Security Force Veterans in New Zealand
Home page for former Rhodesian Security Force personel
Defence Forces | Hobbies
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 17   HMNZS Taranaki
HMNZS Taranaki web site for ex ships company. Reunions, discussion board, photos and memories
Defence Forces
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 18   Royal New Zealand Navy - The Unofficial Site
Presenting information about the ships and aircraft used by the New Zealand Government, the NZ Division of the Royal Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy.
Defence Forces
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 19   Wellington (City of Wellington's Own) and Hawke's Bay Regiment
The Regiment is a part of the Territorial Forces of the New Zealand Army and is comprised mainly of Part-time personnel with a number of Regular Force Cadre staff who are responsible for the day to da
Defence Forces
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 20   New Zealand Defence Staff, Washington DC
Official information about the New Zealand Defence Force office within Washington DC, U.S.A. The purpose of the site is to provide information and news about the office to interested parties.
Defence Forces
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