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 1  Rawhiti Rehab Products Homepage
Our homepage with information on a variety of aids for the disabled including handrails, tapturners, adamspoles, perching stools, buit-up cutlery, equipment for children and examples of one-off produc
Disabilities | Resources & Services
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 2  The Donald Beasley Institute
The Donald Beasley Institute conducts research and education in the area of intellectual disability.
Disabilities | Organisations
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 3  Paramount Furniture
We create quality furniture for people with special needs. Feel free to drop by and see how we can help you. paramount, furniture, special, needs, care, chair, joinery, adjustable, desk
Disabilities | Child Health
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 4  Naturally Pure Homepage
A Natural treatment for suffers of Psoriasis. Made in New Zealand.
Alternative Health | Disabilities
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 5  medix 21 Limited
medix21 Medix 21 research and resource equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide to meet the requirements of private and community health therapists.
Disabilities | Health Care Systems
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 6  Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand – Freedom and Choice
Site providing information about Cerebral Palsy, it’s effects and the different methods of managing the disorder.
Organisations | Disabilities
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 7  Audiology and Hearing Aid Specialists

Disabilities | Health Care Systems
Views: 126946   Hits: 7630  Added/Updated: Thursday, February 17, 2000
New Zealand's premier site for information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD or ADD. Also - Monthly email newsletters
Special Needs | Disabilities
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 9  Hearing Association (Auckland)
The Hearing Association (Auckland) Incorporated (HAAI) aim is to ensure the well-being and independence of all those with impaired hearing.
Organisations | Disabilities
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 10   Surebuy - Wholesale Direct
Surebuy; For baby - nappies, nursery and feeding, For Incontinence - briefs, pads, washable & disposable, For ladies - tampons & sanitary towels.
Child Health | Disabilities
Views: 117301   Hits: 7417  Added/Updated: Thursday, February 15, 2001
 11   Riding for the Disabled - Nz
Riding for the Disabled in Nelson, NZ.. A profile of our Richmond based Group
Disabilities | Nelson
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 12   Conductive Education – The very best they can be
Conductive Education is a holistic programme which encourages children with motor disorders to be active independent members of society.
Organisations | Disabilities
Views: 113393   Hits: 6600  Added/Updated: Monday, September 25, 2000
 13   A J Day Options Trust
providing a range of day services for people with an intellectual disability.
Disabilities | Special Needs
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 14   Focus 2000 – the very best you can be
Focus is a quality provider of disability support services…we encourage people to maximise their potential through innovation and leadership.
Disabilities | Organisations
Views: 106543   Hits: 6216  Added/Updated: Tuesday, October 03, 2000
 15   Welcome to Hohepa Auckland
Caring for People with Special Needs
Special Needs | Disabilities
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 16   The PACT Group
Offers residential support and mental health services for people with intellectual disabilities and those recovering from mental illness throughout Otago, Southland and West Coast.
Organisations | Disabilities
Views: 74894   Hits: 4466  Added/Updated: Friday, September 12, 2003
 17   Deaf-Quip
Suppliers of quality assistive devices to the deaf, hearing impaired & deaf-blind
Disabilities | Electrical
Views: 66352   Hits: 3696  Added/Updated: Saturday, October 27, 2001
 18   Wright Healthcare
We offer a comprehensive range of Natural Health Therapies specializing in Electro-acupuncture for the assessment and treatment of all types of health conditions.
Alternative Health | Disabilities
Views: 66302   Hits: 3460  Added/Updated: Friday, June 22, 2001
 19   BAYMOS
BAYMOS - Bay Mobility Services Ltd. - is your leading Hire, Sales and Service centre for all your mobility and disability equipment in the Bay of Plenty. Extensive range of rehabilitation equipment.
Vehicle Sales | Disabilities
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 20   Surebuy.
Suppliers of all types of incontinence products,feminine hygiene, baby supplies etc.
Disabilities | Supplies
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